Fall Kickoff

This Fall semester kickoff has been crazy awesome! We have met a ton of new people and are working to connect them with our saints. It has truly been amazing to see how God has allowed me to pick right back up here at NC. State after returning from The Dominican Republic and Orlando this summer! I have been blessed to continue to work with Jerry, Ali, Sam, Connor, Bryan, Brian and Drake all from last year, as they continue to grow in their individual journeys.

So far a huge part of my efforts have been dedicated to planning, setting up and facilitating our kickoff events (Campus wide Move-in, Knockerball, Cookouts, Bonfires & Smores, 4-Square & Ice Pops, Campus Connections, Packapalooza, Olympics Watch Parties & Marcos, The Target Run, The Ping Pong Tournament, Cookie Decorating Party, the Wednesday Talley Table and Grace at the Lake). These have been SUPER busy, but hands down awesome! I have met and seen more people connected than in any of my prior years so far! Now will they stay and labor with us long term, only God knows, but it has been a lot of work and A LOT of fun!

Knockerball Cookout

Four Square and Ice Popsimg_0018-1

Grace at the Lakeimg_0044

Party at the Alley 


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