On Ministry

The lure of ministry is very enticing. The flashy stories of travel and life-change along with the prestige of an “additional” dose of spirituality that comes with Kingdom work seem very attractive. People rarely get a sober picture of the realities that missions actually entails. What does it look like to sacrifice in a culture where we have access to everything?

The majority of believers struggle to practice the core disciplines mandatory in order for their own walks with Christ to be healthy, while the missionary is required to do so. At the same time, they must be helping others do the same. Practices that appeared to be an option before are part of the job description now, try to imagine the battle this setting creates in the mind.

When an individual participates in ministry they place themselves in the crosshairs of the most evil being known to mankind, Satan. Satan doesn’t play fair and he will stop at nothing to see every seed of death matured to full growth in a person’s life. I have unfortunately seen this firsthand tear people apart from the inside out, lives/relationships destroyed and people walk away from the faith.

A missionary is a blessing not just to the lost only, but to the family of God as well. A missionary’s influence is in many ways incomprehensible. We can try to compare it to the follower of Christ working in the marketplace, but we’d be putting ourselves in a bad situation. The harvest is always richer in another man’s field. Don’t compare apples and oranges. Speaking definitively about things we have no experience with is harmful. Take time to appreciate and understand the differences.

God’s Word will always stand true, this case is no different. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. This is true for a reason. For God to have allowed me to walk in this position for going on three years now is nothing short of a miracle. Thank You God, thank you my team. 

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