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My name is Thomas F. Saunders IV, I go by either “Thomas” or “Thommy”. I am a native of Roanoke Rapids, NC and a graduate of North Carolina State University. It was during my college years that the Lord called me to Himself. As a missionary, the Lord is using me to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the United States and abroad. I work through Global Service Network, a sending agency out of Apex, NC. For the past seven years I have worked on-campus Sunday services, small groups, personal mentoring and leadership development programs. God is actively changing lives on campus, in the city, across the country and around the world!

Primary Focus Group: Millennials, college students, our nation/world’s next generation of leaders. 119 countries are represented on NC. States campus and I get to reach all of them, so they can go back home and help those there! 75% of church going American students abandon their faith within the first year away at college and as the second leading cause of death for those aged 24-35, there are on average over 1000 suicides on campus each year. God is using me to push back against statistics like these!

Most Recent Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/ac78be87af79/spring-2020-update

Support Agency: Global Service Network

Phone: (252) 203-1381

Email: tfsaunde@gmail.com

Address: 3002 Kings Court Apt. B Raleigh, NC 27606



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