How to Help


Why: It is more apparent than ever that our nation as well as this world is in a state of increasing turmoil. With our country’s abandonment of its Christian foundation we are witnessing reinterpretation of marriage, increased rates of mass shootings, suicide, depression, single parent households as well as the constant killing of life through abortion. The list goes on, but instead of sulking about the mess we find ourselves in we must do something about it, we must address it. God has given us The Holy Spirit and commanded us to unite together to do our part. We are not to be conformed to this world, but rather take the gospel to those that are lost and allow it to transform them. As a whole this world is in dire need, but together we can change it one soul at a time! We are stewards with the resources that we have. Stewards don’t take care of something of their own possession, they steward the possessions of another and that other is God. Everything we own has been given to us and ultimately belongs to our Lord. Your part in this ministry is to use the resources that you have to help send me to reach the searching, the backslidden and the lost.

What: Although travel, housing and food make up a large part of my support budget, I also raise support in order to effectively reach out to those I am meeting and working with. One thing I love to do is purchase and pass on books and other reading materials that have played a key part in my personal walk. Effectively sharing the Truth of the gospel and investing my very life into these people means spending a good deal of time with them as well! (1 Thessalonians 2:8) I was joking with my mom recently, but it’s true. I told her that it isn’t difficult to love on people and see God’s power through the gospel, especially with guys, if I just open up to them, share the Truth consistently and fill their belly a few times! After meeting someone I usually take them out to lunch/ dinner or to new restaurants that they have never been to. Along with going to new restaurants, I also like to take them to events in and around the city. This gives me time to get to know them, helps me introduce them to new areas and shows them that they have help to navigate a new season of life.

Another cool thing that I do is buy gifts for those that God has shown to have consistent desire to grow in their faith. If someone has used the free Gideon new testaments enough, that I give them in our first few meetings, I will buy them a personal complete bible and or a journal to start recording their thoughts during time in the Word. This past Christmas I bought a lot of my guys gifts, the most common was Nike Dri-Fit long sleeve shirts with their favorite NFL teams on them.

How: Their are many things that support to my missions work goes to! They all surround being as effective as possible at reaching the lost and training those reached as well as fellow believers to grow in their faith and reach others!
How to become a partner/join my support team:

  1. Visit ( and fill out your desired support amount, the type and click “GIVE”.
  2. Activate your giving by clicking “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”.
  3. Fill out your Billing Details, Payment Method (Please note that 3% of all donations given via CREDIT/DEBIT card are paid to the card company. E-CHECK is the most economical and efficient way to give.) and click “DONATE”.
  4. Thank you for joining in my efforts to reach the lost and advance the Kingdom! I think of two quotes when I reflect on the support you provide:

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” -Jim Elliot

“Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.” Philippians 4:17 (Paul) 

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